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    (I only watched the first hour and a bit so there’s going to be so much more posted, but this is what I picked up)

    • The flowers Dumbledore throws during Gotta Get Back To Hogwarts were just some random flowers Dylan found before the show started
    • Joe Moses was sick, which is why his Snape voice…

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    So, I know Starkid isn’t incredibly underrated, but I want more people to know about them, because they are totally awesome and deserve more recognition. So reblog if you find this post and are a Starkid, and if you aren’t, go watch their musicals! Especially Harry Potter, Disney, and Batman fans.

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    It’s all that I love and it’s all that I need….

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    THAT’S IN CANADA! | Things to Wear | Pinterest on We Heart It.

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    I synchronized the commentary video with the actual musical so you don’t have to have two vids playing and keep doing that synchronizing stuff. Anyway, this is just Act 1 Part 1. Should I do this with the whole show?

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    Funny HP

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